Path of Exile

Path of Exile – Neuer Patch 2.4.0 veröffentlicht

Das Entwicklerstudio Grinding Gear Games hat einen neuen Patch für das Action-Rollenspiel Path of Exile veröffentlicht. Diese besitzt die Versionsnummer 2.4.0 und führt unter anderem 30 neue Karten in das Spiel ein. Außerdem werden mit „Atlas-of-Worlds“ zahlreiche Neuerungen eingeführt, neue Bosse sowie diverse neue Items, die es zu finden gibt.

Hier nur ein kleiner Auszug aus den offiziellen Patchnotes:

  • There are four tier 16 maps that contain the Guardians of the Void. As you defeat them, you’ll earn fragments of a key that allows you to challenge the Shaper himself.
  • As you complete more types of maps, you unlock a cumulative map tier bonus that is displayed on the Atlas.
  • You can upgrade white or yellow maps by five tiers using a Shaper’s Orb, which can be earned by completing bonus objectives on specific maps.
  • You can add temporary mods to the Atlas itself using Cartographer’s Sextants.
  • Your progress, upgrades and mods on the Atlas of Worlds are shared between all characters on your account in that league.
  • We’ve added thirty new maps and dozens of new map bosses.
  • There are thirteen new base item types that can only be found in specific areas of the Atlas.
  • Most existing maps have been revamped to have more balanced monster composition, layouts, boss fights and rewards.

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