Kickstarter Hex Heroes exklusiv für Wii U geplant

NintendoEverything hat wieder etwas schönes ausgegraben, denn Prismatic Games plant Hex Heroes am 25. März zu starten. Das Spiel wird für die WiiU erscheinen, die sich jederzeit über neue Inhalte freut. Hierzu gleich noch ein nettes Video und eine kleine Aufzählung:

  • One players is the commander
  • Commander makes executive decisions, manages resources, and surveys the broad map from a god-like GamePad bird’s eye view
  • Other player chooses different classes
  • Classes have unique abilities
  • Classes go directly onto the map, with an individual point of view
  • The second player tries to build up their city, fortify it, explore dangerous new territories, and fight off enemies
  • Start a game by choosing 2 of 8 skills (classes) that create a unique combination in what each player brings to the table as an asset to his team
  • Ex: Rogue/Archer combo provides stealth/range; Woodcutter/Knight is well-rounded; Woodcutter/Scout is more of a support type
  • 4 different players choose their combinations and join together as a team
  • Eeach game will have its own strategical way to win
  • Asymmetrical gameplay
  • Mario Castañed (The Bridge) chose the visual style
  • Visuals are simple in complexity
  • Graphics are meant to give off the feeling of being inside a strategy board game
  •  One player will have the bird’s-eye-view of the board game map, while the others will look like little figuring pieces in a board game
  • Grant Kirkhope on board for the soundtrack
  • Kickstarter should be up on March 25

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